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The Programme 

作为一个具有200年历史的集团,法孚早在19世纪就为中国提供火车头及桥梁工程。在中国经济改革开放后,法孚也参与到了中国的现代化及工业化的建设中。法孚是一个传承了200多年卓越工程及技术的工业工程集团, 拥有8000人的团队分布在全球30个国家。 无论是发达国家还是发展中国家,法孚都在不同的领域为那些世界的工业集团设计并提供各种机器,工艺设备及生产线,例如铝,钢铁,玻璃,汽车,物流,航空航天,水泥及能源等。

在所有这些领域中,法孚设计并制造设备以及创新解决方案从而更具前瞻性地满足了客户对于业绩,质量,安全,环境保护等方面的需求。2013年法孚被法国政府任命来主导“未来工厂”的项目, 这个“新法国工业”计划的其中一部分就是描画出工业发展的新途径。法孚集团高效的研发部门,能够预见客户对效益、安全和环境标准等方面的要求,并为客户提供具有预见性的解决方案。 
The effectiveness of its R&D programs enables Fives to design forward-thinking industrial solutions that anticipate clients’ needs in terms of profitability, safety and compliance with environmental standards. 

This strategy is backed by a human resources policy that is focused on the individual, encourages initiative-taking and technical excellence.


  • 负责冶金热工设备(加热炉和热处理炉)在线二级优化控制系统软件的设计、编程及现场调试Design, program and do commissioning for the Level2 control system of thermal equipments (Reheating Furnace and Process Line Furnace). 
  • 负责加热炉二级热工工艺计算Do thermal calculations for the level2 of Reheating Furnace. 
  • 持续改进公司产品(性能,质量,实用性,成本),设计流程,持续发展我们的专业知识Continuous improvement of our production facilities (performance, quality, availability, costs) and processes of all design ,continuous development of our expertise 
  • 在项目销售阶段,负责销售技术方案的编制和技术支持During project sales stage , definition/edit of technical specification and support for sale’s projects 
  • 项目执行阶段,负责软件编程设计,设计协调,及技术支持工作During the project implementation stage, be responsible for electrical design , programming ,design coordination and technical supporting 
    熟悉合同,了解合同的供货范围、供货要求等,积极消化技术规格书,确保按技术规格书要求进行设计Understand the scopes and requirements of contract technical specifications and ensure the design / technical specifications meet its requirements 
  • 按质、按量、按时完成所承担的设计任务,技术规格书、请购单、发图清单和设计变Accomplish design / technical specification / Purchasing request / Delivered Document List / modification requisitions according to project requirements, quality and schedule. 
  • 负责与工厂设计接口的审核Design and check interfaces with other control systems; 
  • 分包商技术规格书的确认Validate technical offers from suppliers. 
  • 及时准确地对制作及安装现场出现的问题给予解答,并提供必要的技术交底Support design coordinator to solve the non-conformities during manufacturing and erection. 
  • 现场的安装调试,技术支持,以及处理其它现场问题Installation and commissioning on site , provide technical supporting , solve other software problem of site 
  • 提供现场技术服务Provide technical service on site. 
  • 根据工艺要求,开发热工计算仿真工具According to technical requirement, develop the simulation tools for thermal calculation.
  • 开展上级安排的其他工作Carry out other job assigned by leader

Required Skills and Abilities 

  • 具备热工设备计算机控制软件设计、编程及现场调试能力Ability to design and program softwares of thermal equipment’s control system and ability to commission on site. 
  • 熟练掌握和运用VC++、VC#编程(尤其是SOCKET通讯编程)以及具有专业软件设计和编程能力Experienced in VC++, VC# (especially SOCKET) and ability to design and program professional softwares 
  • 英语阅读、书写熟练,能口语表达Good command of English language in reading, writing and speaking. 
  • 较好的沟通能力,具有团队合作和敬业精神Good communication skills, team player and professional dedication spirit 
    能适应经常出差并能承受一定工作压力Ability to work under pressure and willing to travel and to go on site when required by business 
  • 了解一级控制原理及工艺要求Understanding level 1 control principle and process requirement  
Closing in a day
Closing in a day
  • Job type:Graduate Jobs
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    Computer Science, Engineering Software

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  • Closing Date:13th Aug 2022, 6:00 pm


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