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Greatpower Technology Co., Ltd. is a new energy material company, with our businesses covering import, export and production. We provide such basic materials as cobalt, nickel and lithium for electrical vehicle-used power battery cathode material. In the near future,we will have six key material production bases respectively in Shangyu (a district under Shaoxing City in Zhejiang Province), Xiaoxian (a country under Suzhou City of Anhui Province), Ganzhou (a city in Jiangxi Province), Haiphong city of Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In terms of vertical integration along the supply chain, we will cover the mining of power battery-used metal resources, production of cobalt, lithium, nickle and manganese salts, ternary precursor, cathode material of lithium battery and recycle and re-utilization of power battery, with an effort to build a globally leading ecological circle for the production of new energy power battery .

Our goals for the five production bases by 2020 include 20,000 tons of cobalt products, 40,000 tons of nickel products, 50,000 tons of lithium products, 1,000 tons of lithium metal and 50,000 tons of high nickel content ternary cathode material. By 2020, our business revenue will exceed 20 billion yuan and our tax contribution will exceed 2 billion yuan. By then, we will become one of the most competitive power battery key material suppliers and comprehensive service providers in China.

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