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The Programme

Are you a forward-thinking and cool-headed undergraduate ready to take your next steps in the world of engineering? Believe there’s more than one way to secure a successful future and do more for manufacturing? So do we. We believe our graduate program could be the next exciting step on your journey! If you also do, start your career with us at Siemens! 今年即将毕业的你,做好准备进入工程师的海洋里遨游吗?你相信并且致力于能源制造业的发展吗?我们相信!我们确信我们的毕业生项目将会是你旅程中令人激动的下一步! 如果你的想法和我们一样,和西门子一起开启你的职业生涯吧!

Begin your graduate journey with Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery (Huludao) Co., Ltd (SITH), one of the strongest manufacturers in the field of centrifugal compressors and industrial steam turbines in China. We will develop detailed training and help you to develop specific skills and knowledge required for the role.



  • Works on the turbomachines, such as compressor, steam turbines and so on. 从事涡轮机械行业,如压缩机、汽轮机等。
  • The works is in a global technology environment of turbo compressor design/development according API standards, Siemens design rules, and other related Codes. Will use fundamental engineering concepts, tools, practices, and procedures to complete assigned projects while learning about the business. 在学习业务的同时,将使用基本的设计概念、工具、实践和规程来完成指定的项目。
  • Aero dynamical evaluation for the turbo machines Mechanical test during the bidding phase. 在招标阶段对透平机械运转试验的气动性能评价。
  • Aero dynamical evaluation for the turbo machines performance test during the bidding phase 在招标阶段对透平机械性能试验的气动性能评价。
  • Aero dynamical design for the turbo machines Mechanical test for real order 在实际项目中对透平机械运转试验的气动性能设计。
  • Aero dynamical design for the turbo machines performance test for real order 在实际项目中对透平机械性能试验的气动性能设计。
  • Optimizing the test plan with testbed engineers 与试车台工程师共同优化试验规程。
  • Supporting to finish the Mechanical test results report 支持完成机械试验结果报告。
  • Finishing the performance test results calculation, analysis and report after testing of the turbo machines 机械试验后完成性能试验结果的计算,分析和报告。
  • Support the project teams to do the test during the witness of the clients, explain all the concerns from clients. 支持项目组在客户见证期间进行测试,解释客户关心的问题。
  • Aero dynamic work support to the other functions, system design, I&C design. 设计的气动工作的支持。
  • Support of sales dept., project management, test bed engineering, site management 支持销售部,项目部,试车工程师,现场服务部。
  • Troubleshooting 问题解决

Required Skills and Abilities

  • You hold a bachelor or above degree will be graduating in 2020, major in in Areo-dynamic engineering with focus on turbo-machine, fluid engineering, thermodynamics.
  • Knowledge of turbomachinery, aerodynamics, thermodynamics了解涡轮机械、空气动力学、热力学知识
  • Knowledge of relevant internal and international standards了解相关的国内和国际标准
  • Knowledge of turbo-machine products and the relevant industrial processes (oil and gas industry, air separation, petrochemics /refinery industry, general chemical applications) 炼油工业、一般化学应用
  • CET 4 or above level, fluent English in both oral and written 有英语四级及以上基础,能熟练的英语听说读写,具有团队合作精神及很强的学习能力
  • Knowledge Management 较好的知识管理、归纳总结能力
  • Ownership 主人翁精神
Closed a year ago
Closed a year ago
  • Job type:Graduate Jobs
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  • Closing Date:27th Jun 2020, 6:00 pm


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