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WebshopinChina assist companies to enter the Chinese online market or to improve the current business results in China. We do this by offering a cost-effective package tailored to the clients’ China e-commerce strategy. We serve our European clients from Amsterdam, so we communicate with them in the same time zone and eliminate any cultural or language barriers. Most of the operations are executed in China. The team in China consists of Chinese designers, marketing experts, Chinese customer service and social media experts.

We also established good relationships with key employees within leading platforms such as Tmall Global, JD Worldwide and Amazon China. Moreover, we have partnered with logistics companies to ensure prompt custom clearance and timely delivery of the products to the Chinese consumer.

Over the past years China has developed into the largest e-commerce market in the world, and therefore offers huge potential for foreign companies. Doing business in China can be rewarding, but it is also often complex and challenging.

The Chinese e-commerce landscape looks different than e-commerce in Europe. Western consumers are used to online purchases directly made at the online store of a certain brand or company. The e-commerce landscape in China is dominated by online market places such as Tmall (Alibaba) and JD.com, where almost 90% of the online purchases take place. We understand the importance of comprehending the surrounding Chinese online landscape in order to successfully analyze and overcome the challenges of these digital ecosystems.

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