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Sougen is the first Internet training crowdsourcing service platform in China. As a model of innovation in the business model of the training industry, Sougen has always focused on the field of corporate training, based on “training crowdsourcing” and
HTC致力于让卓越融入生活。作为全球智能移动设备与虚拟现实(VR)科技的创新领袖,自1997年以来,HTC推出多款明星产品,如广受好评的HTC One及 Desire智能手机系列,以及Vive虚拟现实系统,获奖无数并创立多项业界。我们所做的每一个细节,无不体现出对卓越的追寻与探索,也因而激荡出设计工艺,并为全球消费者创造出打破传统的全新手机与VR体验。
The Coface Group, a worldwide leader in credit insurance, offers companies around the globe solutions to protect them against the risk of financial default of their clients, both on the domestic market and for export.As the strategic partner of Ping
斯伦贝谢公司是全球最大的油田技术服务公司,有来自140多个民族的118000多名员工,在世界的86个国家开展工作。公司2012年度全球总营业收420亿美元, 利润55亿美元,研发总投入9.2亿美元,是世界500强企业,总部分设在休斯敦,巴黎。这也反映出我们的理念,即多样性可以促进创新,所有技术团队和专业部门在不受地域限制的情况下共同协作,分享知识。斯伦贝谢为全球的油气公司提供优质的技术服务,改善其勘探与生产作业绩效。
Sandoz is a global leader in generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars. As a division of the Novartis Group, our purpose is to discover new ways to improve and extend people's lives. We contribute to society's ability to support growing healthcare needs
As a leading financial technology company in China, Youxin Jinfu has brought financial information such as inclusive credit, consumption staging and wealth management to customers with its own self-owned data advantages, proven technological strength, and professional and rigorous services.
Sino Israel Technology Innovations is an institution established by Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and Israel Rehaway Investment to provide incubation services for Chinese and Israeli technology start-ups. The project is powered by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science
华勤通讯技术有限公司创建于2005年,是全球领先的手机研发设计公司,专业提供手机、平板电脑等产品的ODM服务,总部位于中国上海,并在西安、深圳、东莞、香港等地设有研发中心和生产基地。华勤成立以来,专注于手机、平板电脑等产品的设计、开发、销售、生产,为海内外客户提供有竞争力的产品。旗下产品远销海内外100多个国 家和地区,覆盖亚洲、非洲、拉美、欧洲等地。至2015年,公司累计出货超过2亿部,Tablet产品年发货超500万,全面进入4G时代,为客户提供领先的4G方案!
Ansell Xiamen Limited, renamed from Microgard Xiamen Limited on 13th August, 2015. Ansell Limited had acquired Microgard Limited and her wholly owned subsidiary, Microgard Xiamen Limited and her branch, Microgard (Xiamen) Safety Limited on 1st May, 2015.
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